About Us

Founded in February 2002, Dayton Media Technologies offers experienced staff with decades of combined experience in the field. We’ve worked with companies large and small.

We're a family-owned company, not an impersonal national corporation with a small regional office. We’re based in Dayton, we live in Dayton and we work in Dayton to serve Dayton business, period. We focus on your media need and present your message at a competitive price.

We encourage you to contact us for a free consultation. Let us introduce our capabilities – we think you’ll agree it’s a new, and very effective, way to help local businesses communicate with their audiences.

Interested? Pick up the phone and chat us up at 937.836.8700. We're the nice guys, and ready to help. 



Sales & Service

We understand that it’s not easy to purchase AV equipment – it’s an expensive proposition, and usually you need the stuff yesterday. We provide, fast, expert box and component sales, and all orders are processed the same day they are ordered. But most importantly, we keep you informed of purchase status from beginning to delivery.

After the sale, we provide a full array of technical service, from simple component level troubleshooting to full system repair. We also assist with all warranty related issues such as any equipment return, preventative maintenance, and more. Simply put, Dayton Media Technologies provides the highest level of customer service available in the region.

Our available Preventative Maintenance Programs are an option for all integration projects and upgrades, and provide an additional level of assurance. Each maintenance program is customized to keep an installation operating at its peak condition, and can eliminate costly repairs and downtime that arise from poor equipment maintenance.


Flexibility in action. We provide both modest and complex installation, from a single projector and tripod screen for a small gathering, to multiscreen, multimedia productions for far larger audiences. If you’re not sure what scale of equipment is appropriate, we can help you determine the right balance of professionalism and budget. Our technical and creative teams provide the power you need to share your message effectively.

Our rental inventory is state of the art (no equipment is more than a year old), and our pricing is the lowest in the region.


We provide detailed system engineering in the beginning of every project to ensure that your final objective is accomplished on time, within budget. To eliminate problems and ensure effectiveness, all systems set-up and tested at our Clayton facility prior to final installation. And once equipment is delivered, we provide detailed system diagrams and manuals that outline wiring and components.